About Us

MixMemory is an intuitive app with advanced solutions for easy and smart DJing.
The unmatched features of MixMemory transform the time consuming preparation process of designing harmonic and non-harmonic playlists into quick and effortless results for DJ's of all genres. Take your DJing to the next level with advanced harmonic mixing techniques and design breathtaking Pairs, Strings and Playlists using MixMemory's start of the art playlist designer.

Genius scanning of harmonic music

The harmonic DJ app scans your digital music library with precision and filters out the tracks sharing similar key, BPM, genre, energy and rating in seconds.
You are now ready to design and experiment with countless tracks whilst harmonic mixing.

Design creative playlists

Choose any number of automatically suggested tracks or add more from your music collection, analyse your strings through sharp HD wave representations and design catchy strings in the string designer mode. Create and classify enriched playlists and store them in your cloud.

Experiment with your cloud collection

You can edit and manage your digital playlists on the easy to use app by designing and uploading new content or by sorting the strings and playlists.
Beat-grid, EQ or modify strings in the string editor mode and experiment with them before recording.
Enjoy recording and storing your live mixes with the help of the advanced audio recorder or use them as a reference tool whilst mixing live.

This multifunctional app is user friendly and integrates seamlessly with all Digital DJ setups.